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We take a personal route through her life. From the little girl Liane to the woman Liane.

About dreams, runes, travel, stones, making films, depressions, connections,
celebrities.. will she drop names?
How a college professor was the biggest bully and effected her life.
Guess who she wanted to marry when she was young

and so much more.

Absolutely wonderful insight who the person Liane MoonRaven is.

Enjoy our conversation.

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This episode is NOT suitable for work. It is R-rated (USA) and MA rated (Australia)

The conversation contains mainly talk about c*mming, bl*wj*bs, f*sting, f*cking different nationalities and other subjects people will get offended by.

I am not even kidding. Don't listen when you are easily offended. Please.


Otherwise, Enjoy *smile*

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Guest is Isaac who writes dark comic horror.

We talk about little Isaac, music and writing, how to switch moods between work writing and creative writing.
But he also talks where is inspiration comes from and what he loves to read when he is not writing.

S/O to @BleedingCritic @LianeMoonraven @JJBryhan @CarmenTheater

Visit his website: isaacthorne.com

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Tal, who lives in Israel, dropped out of medical school in his sixth year, a few months before graduating to be a comic.
How a d*ck with wings changed his life.
His standup style

....and hold on to your chairs, people.. he rants about the British.

but I also talk about the time I had a rubber d*ck stuck.

His Podcast The Losers Venture Podcast



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