#Talk2Cleo is a guerilla and freestyle bilingual independent podcast. Everything goes except for politics and sports. The conversations are about people, their dreams, thoughts, wishes, fears and the dare to share. #ACTIONOVERBS You can find #Talk2Cleo on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and any other podcast platform out there. Based in The Netherlands the conversations are mostly recorded via Skype. Guests or guests suggestions are always welcome. Simply fill out the contact form or contact via social media: @Talk2Cleo

Happy holidays everyone! Happy Hanuka, Joyeus Kwanza, Merry Xmas and a happy 2017. Until we meet again. 

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We had an open conversation, in a walnut shell, about life and loneliness, dreams and fears and whatever came up in our minds. Enjoy this episode, as much as we did.

You can find more of Alexx:

alexxbollen.com   His new site with all the links to his books, arts, podcasts etc

alexxcast.com  The site with all his podcasts

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Thank you, Niels @SaintJoris, @Moui, Zash @Bedlamfury, Jason @xxJGODxx, Jason Blastmask,  Oli @Aus_Warrior, Tazzy @AtomAdz, @DannyPinn1, Crofty @AdamHolcroft (and his wife Nicole and Marley) and Jason @JasinGee

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#Talk2Cleo recorded LIVE in Bangkok with Zashnain Zainal (@bedlamfury)

Social welfare worker and mental health expert to the poorest people in the slums of Bangkok

Bangkok humidity
invisibility of street kids
Life on the streets
Thai Massage (might shock some prude people)
Old traditions and respect

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Crofty @AdamHolcroft @JasinGee (first 15 minutes live from Wollongong)
then live at Norties, Cronulla with @Aus_Warrior @xxJGODxx @AtomAdz @DannyPinn1 Marly (Crofties little girl)

it is all a bit noisy bcs its all live recorded.

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When Universal and Warner Brothers Studio was sorta your playground, it is not a surprise when you find yourself as an actor on Little House On The Prairie, be a guest on The Loveboat, show up in All in The Family, or get to do a scene (when he was a 16 years old boy) with a Miss Playboy January, ride with Billy the Kid etc etc the list goes on an on!

BUT..  how many men had sex the Vulcan way, Pon farr, as young Mr.Spock in Star Trek III: The search for Spock

Well, my guest Stephen Manley has. HE is a veteran actor of film and television for over 40 years. Best known as "Young Spock" in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

When you see the list of movies, films and TV shows Stephen Manley has been in you better take a seat because the list goes on and on: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0542603/

But we also talk about his new films!

Ghosthunters https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ghosthunters

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4937114/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_6

and yes, he is also talking about how it was working with Leonard Nimoy

Go check out stephen-manley.com and enjoy our conversation.

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From Socially Akward to Socially Comfortable

We welcome back Brian Freeman. He was a guest two years ago when he was at the beginning of his jiujitsu. Let's find out how he is today.

At the end of this episode, I've added his first guest appearance. In that episode Brian tells how the worst lonely night in his life made him decide to be happy.

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Robbert vertelt over hoe hij op jonge leeftijd verslaafd en verstrikt raakte in een wereld van drugs, drank, geweld, gevangenissen en afkickklinieken.

Hij is al sinds 2002 clean.

Zijn grootste motivator was de geboorte van zijn dochter, echter het is aan zijn onvoorstelbare innerlijke kracht te danken dat hij niet alleen clean is gebleven, maar ook zijn levenservaringen gebruikt om anderen te helpen die momenteel worstelen met verslaving.

Een bijzonder mooi open gesprek en respect voor een man die meer dan 20 jaar ellende wist om te zetten in positieve energie.




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School's out for the Summer! Be You!

We welcome back William D. Prystauk. Professor Bill for his students.

Most will know him from this horror movie review podcast The Last Knock but today
we talk about the educational system in the USA.

Points of view of a man inside the educational system.

Why did Bill become a professor?
How to deal with "helicopter" parents of students?
Where does the money of school loans go to?
Private schools versus public schools
How does the state profit from so many schools?
The internet as a library or a "lie"brary?
Difference between an A student and a differend kind student
What if the government would forgave all student loans?
What does Billy wish for himself?

You can find Bill on twitter @Crashpalace
and on his website crashpalaceproductions.com


Enjoy :-)

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We welcome back Christopher is a former Special Agent with the FBI

Absolute awesome conversation with Christopher who has now retired from the FBI since May 30th 2015.

How is it one year after leaving the FBI Family?
What does he miss?

Why is a bank robbery a federal crime?

and what about the criminal motor cycle gangs?

and how is it to fly with a dead body behind you?

Setting new goals

We talk about so many things, you will love our conversation, but most of all


Wanna hear more? Go listen to Ep 114

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Joe Kenyon IV returns to #Talk2Cleo

and we congratulate him with his first book CXXXVI

Yes book! He is also gonna read a few parts of it. You will love it!
And during the conversation a new idea is born. What that is
you will have to listen ;-)

But we also talk about connections and interactions in relation to real life and Joe talks about how Bataclan, Paris effected him.

                      You can order his book at  kenyoniv.com


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Ryan will have a great Summer in 2016

A new house, a new son, a new album tour and he has a great finance and mother who back him up. He is also writing a song for his newborn son.

We talk about music in his life and addictions
Where do the songs Magic and Intervention come from
How he battled with anxiety and how music is his religion

This episode also contains the two songs we are talking about.

Enjoy our conversation





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Jilly lives in Canada and she is a big advocate for anti bullying

Her website is crimsonquintessence.com

we talk where the name crimson quintessence comes from and what
does it mean

how losing all her writings and photographies opened new doors
her preferences in photography
her writings, her new book The Dreamers Soul
What attracts her in reading
and do you remember Theatre of the mind?


Enjoy our conversation

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We take a personal route through her life. From the little girl Liane to the woman Liane.

About dreams, runes, travel, stones, making films, depressions, connections,
celebrities.. will she drop names?
How a college professor was the biggest bully and effected her life.
Guess who she wanted to marry when she was young

and so much more.

Absolutely wonderful insight who the person Liane MoonRaven is.

Enjoy our conversation.

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This episode is NOT suitable for work. It is R-rated (USA) and MA rated (Australia)

The conversation contains mainly talk about c*mming, bl*wj*bs, f*sting, f*cking different nationalities and other subjects people will get offended by.

I am not even kidding. Don't listen when you are easily offended. Please.


Otherwise, Enjoy *smile*

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Guest is Isaac who writes dark comic horror.

We talk about little Isaac, music and writing, how to switch moods between work writing and creative writing.
But he also talks where is inspiration comes from and what he loves to read when he is not writing.

S/O to @BleedingCritic @LianeMoonraven @JJBryhan @CarmenTheater

Visit his website: isaacthorne.com

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Tal, who lives in Israel, dropped out of medical school in his sixth year, a few months before graduating to be a comic.
How a d*ck with wings changed his life.
His standup style

....and hold on to your chairs, people.. he rants about the British.

but I also talk about the time I had a rubber d*ck stuck.

His Podcast The Losers Venture Podcast



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"There's a Rumble in the Stomach" and other little guilty secrets

We talk about his new wheels
How he got paralysed 17 years ago
How to handle a hard-on
How Startrek pulled him trough
Mics and voice bits
How to mimic a seagull
What is a Jaseypoos
Tax on products from the USA is UNFAIR

and this conversation had me laughing so loud.

You're awesome, my LWP! *smile*

Fight Gravity for my "girls": Paypal: mail2cleo.style@gmail.com

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Michael Klein @MKlein27 from @OneByOnePodcast joins me today.

The song you hear at the end is "Without a Trace"
he finished the song in the studio right before Savage Dad by uncle Joey Diaz came out.
He plays all of the instruments himself.

Of course we talked about music but also about podcasting and his podcast One by One.
He mentions the apps he used to make the flyers, which he did on his phone. Amazing!
And he tells the story behind the tat on his left under arm.

you can find his podcast via https://soundcloud.com/onebyonepodcast/

Enjoy our conversation.



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The OG Hangout: "Dino's and Strayah lingo" with Tulip and Sweetcheeks

This episode contains most of the conversation of the 2 parts of the YouTube live show.

We talk about dino's (dinosaurs), what to do in Australia, fighting gravity and we find out the meaning of Australian words.

There are s/o to:

@Deathsquadktown @MZBizz5 @cjzisi @tammy4u2nv @SaintJoris @djoyromero @silentenigma9 @ddooz @vorkbaard @Therainmanpod @AdamHolcroft @iestyboy


Tulip (@Talk2Cleo and Sweetcheeks (@JasinGee

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Welcome back Dirty DeVoe

Dirty is a 30 something, married father of 3 boys. He was born and raised in Florida but now resides in Massachusetts where he explores his and his guests minds. We talk about his vaping journey, his YouTube channel, his podcast, fatherhood, ice fishing and dolphins, his sons, time management and more.

Please enjoy our conversation:

His website: Dirtysmind.com
His Youtube channel: Every 2 weeks on a Friday: youtube.com/dirtysmind

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Welcome back, Good Andy!

Andy drops by and we have a wonderful conversation about the ART he creates and about the Fizzbutton Wisconsin and Fizzbutton NL.

The paypal address Andy is talking about is atertle@gmail.com

Go check out the art he makes!

Enjoy our conversation!

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Djoy gets her cherry popped on the POPcast #Talk2Cleo

We got a little girl on the prairie, people! We talk about #Dopliving, liposuction, boob jobs but most of all we had so much fun!

and did she say "Black c*ck coffee" around the 18 minute mark? YES SHE DID!


"EnDjoy" our conversation. *smile*

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Jimmy got his podcast cherry picked.

Jimmy is a DJ from Manchester, who loves playing ice hockey. Ice hockey in Manchester? Yep!

But you know how to prepare for a match?
And how about G-House, Break Beat, You ever heard of that?  You find all the links here.

Enjoy our great conversation!


Jims Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/jimmyburgesss/

G House - Amine Edge & DANCE https://soundcloud.com/amineedgeanddance

DirtyBird Records - https://soundcloud.com/dirtybirdrecords

Stanton Warriors https://soundcloud.com/stantonwarriors


You can find #Talk2Cleo on


iTunes: Talk2Cleo

Stitcher: Talk2Cleo


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What do you get when you have a conversation with a lawyer-writer?

A fascinating conversation that goes from forest fires, laws, rocket science, how to be a witness in a stand, karate, new technology and writing.

Enjoy our conversation as much as we did! Thank you, Joe!

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Hello lovely people and welcome to this New Year #Talk2Cleo Special 2016.

Happy new year everyone! WE MADE IT!

We have left 2015 behind us and whatever comes our way well... we can do this!

We have loved, laughed, cried, lost loved ones, betrayed, were cheated on, but WE are still here.

I am not much of a person who looks back. IF I would do that, I will slam into a wall or will not see the beauty that lies in front me. Or the danger. If we were to look back, our heads would be backwards on our necks. Imagine those selfies ;-) We would all look like freggles or naked dicks.


No matter where we live, where we come from, what we do or what we don't do, male, female, she-male, ani-mal hahaa WE MADE IT!

Let me start by thanking all the people who are listening to #Talk2Cleo. I am so thankful and grateful that you keep downloading, listening and showing your appreciation to my podcast. Not in a million years I would have thought I would be doing this. STILL doing this. My fellow podcasters know that the biggest challenge is continuity (con tin new wit tie).

Uploading episodes became my personal nemesis in podcasting. A very difficult task, NOT as you might think because of the time zones, but because of my extreme busy work schedule, a complicated life and the very short and limited time window I have to do a recording. Even when I would live in the USA or Australia the challenge would still be finding that small free time window. So I think I can be proud of my personal achievement of still pushing the red recording button.

I Also wanna thank all my guests who were on #talk2Cleo. YOU are the reason people listen. It is not only my voice, it is your story, your life, YOUR courage to dare to share and by doing so, perhaps be a mirror to listeners who we might not know. But who discover they are not alone in what they are going through. Talk 2 Cleo. You talk, I listen.

And of course laughing, a smile and my struggle to form words adds to the fun of listening.

And thank you for sending in all the voice messages. The response is beyond my expectation. And you know me. I will answer them all personally. Like I do my personal compliments. That makes this episode a huge one. The biggest I've done in the least amount of time ever.

But I will also mention people who weren't able to send in a voice message and asked me to read something for them and I will do some shout outs too.

And without you people I would never have been able to pull this off. Happy 2016! We made it!

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