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Welcome to "The Banksy of Horror", Mr. Bleeding Critic himself.


Find out the story behind his Twitter ava, his fears, what his influence was in horror and deaf people and Jaws.

Am I confusing you already?


His website bleedingcritic.com is the biggest interactive website for horror lovers and the reviews he made are a huge part of the success.

But you can also be part of his website via horror memories


But did you know he was also an actor?

And do you know he has a great laugh?



Listen and you will hear it.






Enjoy our conversation *smile*

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How does a traveller experience bombings and the PTSD.

Vanya talks about being near a bombing and how he had to deal with it.

And because he is a blogger and an author he did it in writing.

You can find his work on Amazon or on farsidetravel.net

S/O's to Ron Shaw, Greg from Palko Designs,  Jake Needham


Enjoy our conversation *smile*


- The blog about the bombing is called: Betong, Thailand: Bombed Out

- The books he talks about are on Amazon:

Garuda's Travel

Confessions of a Travel Junkie


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Join Lucas and me in our wonderful conversation about his art.

He creates the most beautiful things with melted crayons.

Melted crayons you say? Yes, melted crayons.

You will love it! *smile*


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At the age of 13, Kaya signed up to R. Kelly record label for development as an emerging talent. By age 16, she signed with Capitol Records and in 2003 she auditioned and was selected to the  Pussycat Dolls.

Enjoy our conversation with this beautiful, kind hearted woman.




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