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The stories are true and part of my life.

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The man who turned me into a hippy chick, a goddess and a sex doll.

Yep, that is what you get with graphic designers.

There are drunk stories, Greg talks about Bob Ross and how his grandfather came from Italy to the USA and how it is to be a lead singer in a band.


You will love this conversation :-)


S/O to @RonGizmo @TheLadyPhantom, Greg "Staples", @1BrandonWyse @bleedingCritic @vitotrabucco

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Live opgenomen hilarisch gesprek met Lexje, waarbij mijn schoen als ondersteuning werd gebruikt omdat mijn recorder bleef omvallen.


We kijken terug naar Lexje als kind, zijn fijnste herinnering aan zijn vader, maar we hebben het ook over zijn handicap aan zijn linkerhand en het feit dat we samen mijn bed hebben gedeeld. Oh, hij is gay, details.


Geniet ervan.

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A great conversation with Fay E. Simon about books ofcourse.

 BUT... we also go into a little tantrum about the importance of giving support, followed by a hilarious part about how NOT to put out a fire.

Fay also reveals a bit about a new project she has set up with Greg Palko

S/O's to @RonGizmo @Crashpalace @1BrandonWyse @Palkodesign

Visit Fay's site


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Brandon, a former Vice Lord Chief opens up about gang life in the streets of Chicago

From All American white boy to Chief of a black Vice Lord branche in Chicago

From the Church of Satan to the Church of Pentecostal

From the under belly of jail to the gates of Hollywood

Enjoy our conversation


Visit his website: brandonwyse.com

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