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Uncle Joey Coco's old friend Danny Biancullo drops by for 10 minutes but stayed a lot longer.

Danny has see both sides of life: From meeting the maffia, Soldier of the Year, meeting president Reagan, going to jail, hijacking liquor trucks, smuggling guns, having a sports talkshow for over 20 years, to being a proud husband and father.

Shout out to Big Lou Esa @louesa52 who called Danny while he was telling the Big Bernie story. Go check him out!

Also check out Danny's website: insidethenumbers.tips

Enjoy! *smile*


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Let's ask Anita. She lives in New Zealand, near Christchurch.

Join us in a great conversation about people from Holland, bikes, nature in New Zealand and us just having plain good fun.


Enjoy! *smile*

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That is one of the questions that popped up in my brain.
And as you all know.. I ask whatever comes up in my head.

Don is a great man who had no trouble answering my questions.

 Enjoy! *smile*




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Een conversatie met één van mijn dierbaarste volgers op twitter. I swear!

Enjoy! *smile*

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Doorzettingsvermogen en wilskracht waren de motor achter het bijzonder afvalverhaal van Rianne @RvanBommel.

Ik kan alleen maar respect voor haar hebben.


Enjoy listening! *Smile*

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