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From cowgirl to massage therapist in a private gated community Squerly or SUNshine as I call her takes me away instantly.

How connections world wide make distance non existing.

Please enjoy our conversation :-)



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You might know him.. he was a guest at Joe Rogan #JRE #425

Phil Demers is a former professional marine mammal trainer at MarineLand in Niagara Falls, Ontarario, Canada.

Smooshi is a wild-captured pacific walrus. Marineland of Canada Inc. acquired her at about 18 months of age from the Black Sea, Russia in 2004.

During a traumatic medical procedure Phil imprinted on Smooshi. This caused her to believe he was, in essence, her mother.

He cites Smooshi’s suffering as his breaking point and inspiration to speak out about marine mammal captivity.


Please enjoy our conversation


PLEASE visit SaveSmooshi.org

To help #SaveSmooshi


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How depression can hit you after 20 years.

Ooky Spooky talks about how the death of 3 men within one year brought up the memory of her 3,5 months first born baby she lost.

But with the help of Uncle Joey she got out of that dark place

Warning. Ooky Spooky has pool cues and is not afraid to break one on your basckside 

Please enjoy this conversation, which I know you will love. *smile*


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