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Episode 126 Guest: Felipe Esparza @FunnyFelipe

Felipe goes Dutch!

Felipe Esparza is a stand up comediant in L.A. who won "Last Comic Standing 2010", has a dvd out "They're not gonna laugh at you", one of the hosts of WhatsUpFoolPodcast", has a Youtube channel (Felipe Esparza) "The Store" and of course tours around the USA. More information you can find on http://www.felipesworld.com/ 

Enjoy our conversation and compliment him with his Dutch!

Felipe, you are awesome! *smile*

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Glenn, who lives in Northern Ireland is again my guest.

 "póg mo hole!"

We have a great conversation about podcasts, his dad, mma and sports, "BUUUUURP", OCD, Irish/Welsh language and so many more things.

Please enjoy our conversation they way we did. With a smile.

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Deze keer een Nederlandse gast, op locatie, boswachter Frans Kapteijns van de Stichting Natuurmonumenten

Gezeten met de rug naar Fort St. Pieter, Maastricht alwaar wij genieten van het uitzicht over de stad praten Frans en ik over het Fort en Natuurmonumenten, maar ook over natuurbegraven, het verschil tussen een ven en een meer, het nut van een storm in de natuur en hoe een veranderd gezichtsveld vanuit de lucht geschiedenis en veranderde contouren kan blootleggen, internationale samenwerking en een fantastische tip mbt een kado voor Frans zijn pensioen.


Geniet van onze conversatie net zoals wij dat hebben gedaan.



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I wanto to thank every one who contributed to this OneVoice "Winter Tales 2015"

Like every year it was a nerve wrecking, tongue twisting and a huge amount of hours and work to present this what only takes less than 15 minutes listening time.

Forgive me if I didn't pronounce all the words correct.
What seems like regular words for you, are for me totally new things to learn.

I know some may sound really weird.
But .... I still did it.

Thank you for listening

"Nothing is perfect the day you die" by Greg Palko @PalkoDesigns

"The Leech Monster" by Chris Zisi @CJZisi
"Morpheus" by Hugh Fitzgerald @Budokan2006
"Secret Lullaby" by S. Marchal Wilson @SMarshallWilson
"Woe" by Ron Shaw @RonGizmo
"Solitude" by Steve Cartwright @ScCart1
"The Void of Forgetfulness" by Zashnain Zainal @bedlamfury

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Jennifer works in an animal shelter that they started and has a pet squirrel in her bedroom.

During our conversation this question came into my mind:

"Where do butterflies go to die?"


Enjoy our conversation

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Welcome back Phil Demers, The Walrus Whisperer!

We talk about how he is doing after being a guest the first time on #Talk2Cleo #83

You wanna help the cause after hearing the interview?

You can contribute via: Defend animal abuse whistleblowers



Oh, and guess what... Phil was also the first LIVE #Talk2Cleo guest on YouTube


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Welcome to "The Banksy of Horror", Mr. Bleeding Critic himself.


Find out the story behind his Twitter ava, his fears, what his influence was in horror and deaf people and Jaws.

Am I confusing you already?


His website bleedingcritic.com is the biggest interactive website for horror lovers and the reviews he made are a huge part of the success.

But you can also be part of his website via horror memories


But did you know he was also an actor?

And do you know he has a great laugh?



Listen and you will hear it.






Enjoy our conversation *smile*

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How does a traveller experience bombings and the PTSD.

Vanya talks about being near a bombing and how he had to deal with it.

And because he is a blogger and an author he did it in writing.

You can find his work on Amazon or on farsidetravel.net

S/O's to Ron Shaw, Greg from Palko Designs,  Jake Needham


Enjoy our conversation *smile*


- The blog about the bombing is called: Betong, Thailand: Bombed Out

- The books he talks about are on Amazon:

Garuda's Travel

Confessions of a Travel Junkie


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Join Lucas and me in our wonderful conversation about his art.

He creates the most beautiful things with melted crayons.

Melted crayons you say? Yes, melted crayons.

You will love it! *smile*


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At the age of 13, Kaya signed up to R. Kelly record label for development as an emerging talent. By age 16, she signed with Capitol Records and in 2003 she auditioned and was selected to the  Pussycat Dolls.

Enjoy our conversation with this beautiful, kind hearted woman.




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Join our conversation with Andy. He lives in Atlanta and is a pool boy.

We also talk about podcasts, how he got into Twitter and maybe he will do something new to leave his personal digital footprint. What that is, you will find out during this episode.

Enjoy, *smile*

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Ep 115 @RippertourLdn (Russell Edwards)

Russell Edwards (and Dr. Jari Louhelainen) brought the story out about the true identity behind the mythe and legend of "Jack The Ripper".

Using DNA evidence, Russell Edwards was able to conclusively name Jack the Ripper as Polish born Aaron Kosminski

The biggest murder mystery of all time has now been solved, thanks to DNA on a Victorian shawl and forensic science.

 In 2007 Russell Edwards bought a Victorian shawl at an auction. The shawl was large – over 7 feet long, made of silk, obviously very old, and damaged, with pieces missing. The shawl had been taken by a policeman from the murder scene of Jack the Ripper’s fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes, on 30 September 1888.  Since then, aside from a few years in Scotland Yard’s Black Museum, it had been safely stored away by the direct descendants of that policeman.

On the day we did this this interview  (September 16 2015)Russell met with Dr. Jari for the first day of project No. 2.


Enjoy our conversation. *smile*



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Chris retired from the FBI in May 2015 after 25 years of service.

For 15 years he worked criminal cases (largely drugs and organized crime) in the Baltimore Field Division of the FBI.

From 2005-2015 he was a highly respected instructor in the subjects of Interviewing and Interrogation, and Detection and Deception at the FBI Acacemy in Quantico, Virginia. He taught this subject to new agent trainees and to law enforcement personnel all over the world, including Europe, Asia and South America.

Chris attained the status as an Adjunct Professor from the University of Virginia during his tenure at the FBI Academy where he also designed graduate level courses including "Conflict Resolution for the Law Enforcement Executive" and "Officer Involved Shootings (OIS)". These two classes were taught to police executives from all over the world.

He was the Employment Assistance Program (EAP) Coordinator for the FBI Academy. His passion, in his duties as EAP Coordinator, was to heal wounded marriages of law enforcement personnel and the aftercare of officers, and their families, after critical incidents.

And he is the only person who conducted an investigation at the FBI Academy regarding Paranormal Activities.

How all these things come together you will hear during this conversation.

Rnjoy *smile*

His blogs:

Zisi Emporium for B Movies: zisiemporium.blogspot.com

Thule Station: thulestation.blogsport.com

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How prison life changed his view on people and their behaviour, the adjustment to life via drinks, his gratitude to meeting his wife and where he's at at this moment.

But we also talk about mushrooms, podcasting (A. Bizzle has his own podcast on Fizzbutton.net (Deathsquad New Hampshire)  and a shout out to Fizzbutton.net and  @HittofMcM


Enjoy  *smile*

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The stories are true and part of my life.

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The man who turned me into a hippy chick, a goddess and a sex doll.

Yep, that is what you get with graphic designers.

There are drunk stories, Greg talks about Bob Ross and how his grandfather came from Italy to the USA and how it is to be a lead singer in a band.


You will love this conversation :-)


S/O to @RonGizmo @TheLadyPhantom, Greg "Staples", @1BrandonWyse @bleedingCritic @vitotrabucco

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Live opgenomen hilarisch gesprek met Lexje, waarbij mijn schoen als ondersteuning werd gebruikt omdat mijn recorder bleef omvallen.


We kijken terug naar Lexje als kind, zijn fijnste herinnering aan zijn vader, maar we hebben het ook over zijn handicap aan zijn linkerhand en het feit dat we samen mijn bed hebben gedeeld. Oh, hij is gay, details.


Geniet ervan.

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A great conversation with Fay E. Simon about books ofcourse.

 BUT... we also go into a little tantrum about the importance of giving support, followed by a hilarious part about how NOT to put out a fire.

Fay also reveals a bit about a new project she has set up with Greg Palko

S/O's to @RonGizmo @Crashpalace @1BrandonWyse @Palkodesign

Visit Fay's site


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Brandon, a former Vice Lord Chief opens up about gang life in the streets of Chicago

From All American white boy to Chief of a black Vice Lord branche in Chicago

From the Church of Satan to the Church of Pentecostal

From the under belly of jail to the gates of Hollywood

Enjoy our conversation


Visit his website: brandonwyse.com

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A wonderful conversation with WB about art, the Zen of discipline, censoring of Twitter, how Fizzbutton Radio is proof how live interactive radio can work at its best and many more.

Enjoy our conversation. *smile*


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A wonderful conversation with William D. Prystauk,


an award winning screenwriter, film producer, teacher/professor, podcaster

(and so much more). 


We talk about BDSM and how he used that experience to write the screenplay "Bloodletting" which is also a novel. Horror (ofcourse), his podcast "The Last Knock", making  photo's and so much more.

He truelly is a little busy bee!

Check out his website! crashpalaceproductions.com

Enjoy our conversation *smile*


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Ron Shaw and I took a walk down Memory Lane

How it is to be a poor boy in Atlanta, moving around a lot and being raised by his grandparents and free meals at Mc Donalds.

How it is to have your furniture taken as a child and winning food as a prize.

And who remembers ice flowers on windows in Winter.

We talk about loosing virginity, yes, mine too ;-) about prostitution , yes mine too ;-)

But also how little Ronny became a policeman and a SWAT commander and fell out of a flying helicopter!

Lemma repeat that.. OUT OF A FLYING HELICOPTER!

and we talk about connections we all make.

Thank you Ron for your company and conversation :-)


Please Enjoy!

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We take a short stroll down memorylane when we first met at The Icehouse in L.A.

How a young depressed L.A. catholic boy found his way by listening to podcasts,

Brian Redban, my thoughts about opening a comedy club in my town and so much more during our conversation.

Enjoy *smile*

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@DirtyDeVoe with your sons Cameron and Carson,




We hung out and talked about smoking on terraces, comparing tats, salmon versus semen, piece of cake versus piece of cheese, mouth farts and murder.

Your standard Saturday Hangout talk.

Enjoy, Cleo and JasinGee

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Altijd al benieuwd geweest naar de stem van Vorkbaard?


Je hoort hem hier en ontdek waar de naam Vorkbaard vandaan komt.

#DTV Oh.. wie is de broer van Vorkbaard?


Enojoy *smile*


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Ron is a retired Atlanta police captain who wrote his first book "seven fish tree" after he had an incredible dream or near dead experience.

This conversation goes from his first book "Seven Fish Tree" to movies, monks, how to loose your virginity on #Talk2Cleo (and get a T-shirt), w**d, s*x, travel..  anyway.. your usual chit chat when talking to Cleo.


Enjoy our conversation :-)



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This is a One Voice Episode of #Talk2Cleo

[tip: wear ear phones]

The stories and memories you hear are mine. They are part of a story I am writing

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Join Tulip (@Talk2Cleo) and Sweetcheeks (@JasinGee) in their cool bar for a drink and some fun, casual and probably crazy conversation on The Hangout podcast. (@TheOGHangout)

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Uncle Joey Coco's old friend Danny Biancullo drops by for 10 minutes but stayed a lot longer.

Danny has see both sides of life: From meeting the maffia, Soldier of the Year, meeting president Reagan, going to jail, hijacking liquor trucks, smuggling guns, having a sports talkshow for over 20 years, to being a proud husband and father.

Shout out to Big Lou Esa @louesa52 who called Danny while he was telling the Big Bernie story. Go check him out!

Also check out Danny's website: insidethenumbers.tips

Enjoy! *smile*


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Let's ask Anita. She lives in New Zealand, near Christchurch.

Join us in a great conversation about people from Holland, bikes, nature in New Zealand and us just having plain good fun.


Enjoy! *smile*

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That is one of the questions that popped up in my brain.
And as you all know.. I ask whatever comes up in my head.

Don is a great man who had no trouble answering my questions.

 Enjoy! *smile*




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Een conversatie met één van mijn dierbaarste volgers op twitter. I swear!

Enjoy! *smile*

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Doorzettingsvermogen en wilskracht waren de motor achter het bijzonder afvalverhaal van Rianne @RvanBommel.

Ik kan alleen maar respect voor haar hebben.


Enjoy listening! *Smile*

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Lucas, one of the hosts of #DontFakeTheFunk Podcast (which you can find on fizzbutton.net) joins me for a chat.

We have a great mixed conversation about a hair from his butt, the Iron Curtain, buying plants in The Netherlands, German television and songs.

Lucas thank you. I had a blast!

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This is a live recorded conversation when Tali and Biff Sweetwater from Canada were in England to visit Tali's family and I flew over to meet them.

Tali and I have a wonderful conversation about how she went from hard core activist and Greenpeace fundraiser to a Tinderbride who found inner peace in marriage.


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Alex, who's given name is "Red Feather" is a native American from 4 different tribes.

A great conversation about the past and present.



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Chuck and I have a very interesting conversation about things like Blue Lodge, Order of the Eastern Star, Scottish Rite and Shrine.

But you will hear all about it when you listen to this "past master" in freemasonry. 


Direct download: chuckNaBB.mp3
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Kelli and I talk about how it is to live in a small town, her love for dogs, her job for the local newspaper, the world wide connection and so much more


Listen and get to meet the lovely Kelli

enjoy :-)


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Een mooi gesprek met Michiel "Chielie" van Reenen.

Onder andere over het lopen van marsen, empathie, netneutraliteit, "Who is watching Big Brother" en over zijn vader.


Enjoy *smile*

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I had a very entertaining conversation with Raymond from the Rainman Podcast about

pregnant p0rn and feet jobs, how pro wrestling connected him with his dad, black barbies and how it is to be a hero.

Enjoy :-) *smile*


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"I may not be who I want to be, but I'm starting to trust myself"

We start talking about sport broadcasting and uggly cheerleaders, but soon we go deep.


You can find his podcast via: tatorthoughts.podomatic.com

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Freddy Correa has opened for uncle Joey and has a podcast named "Thanks for the Invite"

We talk about several subjects and I caught myself doing a lot of talking... that's what you get when you have a podcaster as a guest! HAHAHAHA

He will make a special announcement during this episode.


Before we start the conversation I will do a special shout out to most people who left a review on iTunes and Stitcher.


Please enjoy our conversation. *smile*

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From cowgirl to massage therapist in a private gated community Squerly or SUNshine as I call her takes me away instantly.

How connections world wide make distance non existing.

Please enjoy our conversation :-)



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You might know him.. he was a guest at Joe Rogan #JRE #425

Phil Demers is a former professional marine mammal trainer at MarineLand in Niagara Falls, Ontarario, Canada.

Smooshi is a wild-captured pacific walrus. Marineland of Canada Inc. acquired her at about 18 months of age from the Black Sea, Russia in 2004.

During a traumatic medical procedure Phil imprinted on Smooshi. This caused her to believe he was, in essence, her mother.

He cites Smooshi’s suffering as his breaking point and inspiration to speak out about marine mammal captivity.


Please enjoy our conversation


PLEASE visit SaveSmooshi.org

To help #SaveSmooshi


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How depression can hit you after 20 years.

Ooky Spooky talks about how the death of 3 men within one year brought up the memory of her 3,5 months first born baby she lost.

But with the help of Uncle Joey she got out of that dark place

Warning. Ooky Spooky has pool cues and is not afraid to break one on your basckside 

Please enjoy this conversation, which I know you will love. *smile*


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