#Talk2Cleo is a guerilla and freestyle bilingual independent podcast. Everything goes except for politics and sports. The conversations are about people, their dreams, thoughts, wishes, fears and the dare to share. #ACTIONOVERBS You can find #Talk2Cleo on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and any other podcast platform out there. Based in The Netherlands the conversations are mostly recorded via Skype. Guests or guests suggestions are always welcome. Simply fill out the contact form or contact via social media: @Talk2Cleo

I just wanted to thank you all for leaving me with a heart filled with waves of love.


Thank you all.


the song you hear is by Michael Candelas. He composed it and dedicated it to me.

Happy Birthday Fingerstyle

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Cassius, who just turned 16 years, talks about how the love for KISS made him start his own podcast at the age of 10 year old.


His guestlist is impressive. Check it out for real!!

For example, his first podcastguest was Joey Diaz and he will be talking to Adam Carolla and Joe Rogan at the Adam Carolla Show.

But we also talk about how it is to be a 16 year old boy in Canada, his family and what his dream is.


Please check out his website thatreporterkid.com or cassiusmorris.com


 Please enjoy this conversation. *smile*



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Dbo is an American veteran who did 3 tours overseas.

Two times Irak and one time Afghanistan.

He talks about that soldier life, the influence it has since he left the army October 3th, 2014 and how he deals with PTSD.


Please enjoy the conversation. *smile*


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Nadat ik Jan googlede sloeg de paniek toe. Iemand met zo'n c.v. in mijn podcast, was dat niet te hoog gegrepen?

Ik zette door en hier is het resultaat.

Je kunt verdere informatie vinden op zijn website:



Ik zou zeggen.... ENJOY! *Smile*

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