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You know that guy from New Jersey who got deported to Portugal after being in jail for months over half a J?


Here he is. Carlos tells us how it all went down.

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"Not everyone addicted is a villain"

For over 18 years Oscar has been addicted to all sorts of drugs/opiats like heroine and roxies but he is sober since 29 months.

How that addiction influenced him and where he is now in his life, says a lot about the powerful innerstrenght this positive person has.

For those who, in the back of their head, know they are addicted:

Listen to a man who has been there and knows what you are going through at this moment.

And remember: You are worth it. *smile*

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Marieke en ik praten na over de Studio54 Tweetup (een hoop tweeps worden genoemd), spinnen en de overeenkomst tussen kinderopvang en webdesign.


Haar c.v. kun je vinden op www.mijn-cv-online.com


Geniet ervan! *smile*


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