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Dirk doet uit de doeken hoe hij aan de titel Baron van Beauluna is gekomen en waar het ligt. We hebben het over Bobbi Eden, het Haags meisje dat nu een zeer geslaagde sterallureloze zakenvrouw is in Los Angeles.

De baron geeft tevens een vurig betoog over het behaalde resultaat van de "Aktie Bres" en wat men nu verder wil bereiken, namelijk een verandering van wetgeving.


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William talks about how his younger brother Bobby got shot and his view on guncontrol.

How he wanted to take band class but ended up in boxingclass instead and that he is still undefeated in MMA. 

Pizza, deer and the happiest moment in his life. *smiile*

Please enjoy the conversation with William.

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Leon lives in Germany but his name sounds very spanish. We talk about that and about Ustream versus Spreaker, bad and good habits and how young he was when he started smoking.

We also hear his top three destinations in the world.

Enjoy the conversation I had with Leon.  *smile*



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@Brain_The @JamieHager120, @iLoveTatorTots,  @LCSKLN, @JLSRobo for being such great guests on FINALLY a recorded #HmH.

Hope you will enjoy it. 

Stan and Cleo, hosts of Heaven meets Hell

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Brian Freeman tells how the worst lonely night in his life made him decide to be happy.

He is disabled, does Jiu Jitsu and has the mindset of a warrior. Why he does this?


Listen to the beautiful and deep conversation I had with this man and find out.



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