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A countrygirl turned into a bartender in town and got a brain. ;-)



We talked about growing up, city versys countrylife and so many other things I can't even start writing done.




So please listen and enjoy our conversation




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Eric Carter is  a stand up comedian who decided to follow his dream and by doing so became a bridge between the South and modern L.A. life.

This well mannered intelligent man talks about his dreams, why he loves Nice, France and gives tips how to get the most tender ribs on a bbq.


You can see one of his first performances on youtube:

Carter's first time at standfup

Enjoy our conversation and be enchanted, just like me.


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Eventhough Paul is Dutch, this conversation will be in English.


After 3 years making his own radioshow every Saturday evening, Paul decided to take a break after 150 episodes live radio.


He has finished his first Dutch novel "Verscheurd" ("Torn" ) which is sold out and is busy writing his second Dutch novel "Schuldig" ("Guilty).

In time he will be publishing his first novel for free as a pdf on his website

He also writes critical blogs which you can also find on his website paulzornig.nl


His drawings are his views and reaction on daily news and hold a strong message.


Enjoy! *Smile*


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I am happy Dale accepted my invite to be a guest.

You can also follow his fitness and nutrision advice via @DCBFitness.

Dale's podcast is called: An Hour Of Bondage


We talked about why he is going to Australia and USA, his N64 controller when he was 15 years (you will not believe it), the floodings and the people in England and what takes 3 hours per week.



The program that was mentioned is: tomnod.com

satelitepictures to join the searchparty.


Enjoy our conversation. *Smile*


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A warm cozy conversation with a great gardenlady.
I even found out I can pronounce a word correctly! TottlerTalk!

So, please meet the woman behind the girl who waved thingies in the air.

Also crochet is not croquet!

Enjoy! *smile*

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