#Talk2Cleo is a guerilla and freestyle bilingual independent podcast. Everything goes except for politics and sports. The conversations are about people, their dreams, thoughts, wishes, fears and the dare to share. #ACTIONOVERBS You can find #Talk2Cleo on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and any other podcast platform out there. Based in The Netherlands the conversations are mostly recorded via Skype. Guests or guests suggestions are always welcome. Simply fill out the contact form or contact via social media: @Talk2Cleo

Jason JG aka "Sweetcheeks" gets his cherry popped by me.

Jason talks about everybodies favorite troll StanDaDevil, movienight with Windy City Heat, twitter and how he made some personal changes in his life.

He is from Australia so I had some trouble understanding what he said in the beginning. ENJOY!  You will totally love Jason! *smile*


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Iestyn Thomas from Wales  (and his friend Steve) joins me in this conversation.


He talks about his accident what has let him to being in a wheelchair for 15 years amongst other things.


Enjoy... *SMILE*

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About a year ago we interacted the first time with each other on @Postalpoet podcast and not long after that WB was my guest.

In this episode we let the past meet the present when we talk about DeathSquad, Dogtown and my journey to L.A.

We chat about conquering fear in any way or form you may encounter in your life, about a borderless world and LOVE.

And about the ocean of course.

So, sit back, put your *ears on ears* and enjoy...



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Happy Valentine!

Stan Da "Stanilicious" Devil is treating us with some festive bloody stories told in a way only Stan can.


Enjoy this man with his way with words. *SMILE*

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C O N S T A N T I N E talks 2 C L E O


The Bishop of Berlin! #DEATHSQUAD


Listen and hear HIS voice.  *smile* Wanna know what a camel and a whale have in common?


You know his very own FollowFriday Musical avalanche via DeathSquadMixtape 

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