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Tom Rhodes is a world traveling comedian.  The New York Times describes him as “A mostly natural intellect with a knack for reporting the harsh realities of life with a dark and absurdly optimistic cynicism.”


Duh! We all KNOW that!


But do you know who would be his last guest on his podcast?

Did you know he would be a lesbian?

And did you know he can use his voice  in another way?

No? Well... listen, find out,  but most of all enjoy! *smile*

(Visit his website and be blown away!! tomrhodes.net)




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Cheaves next step is becoming a webcamgirl. And not the shy kind :-)

 This is considered adult stuff by iTunes so if you are under 18 years don't listen to this podcast. 

We are talking about the empowering women in the pornindustry and I kept asking Cheaves all kind of questions.. Respect is the keyword.

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 "The Devil and The Angel record Magic"

I thought that was a great title for this episode. Thanks Lady J @JLSRobo !!

Stan is the only man I know who wrestled naked with a monkey and pissed into his best friend mouth. The fact that they are still friends (not with the monkey)  just shows what a sweetheart he is.

But he is also a hard worker doing things with sheetmetal and his @DamnGoodChili will be a great success.

By sharing the dream that haunts him for the past three years he gives us an inside into that other side of this man.

Time to change that "nightmare" into "Sweet dreams" Stan!

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FINALLY my homie Brocky and I were able to do this podcast! *smile*

We started with just ducking around about swords and blind euh.. 


but it turned into a deep conversation about Helen Kellers determination to communicate being deaf and blind, people who try suicide and the importance of caring. 


Please enjoy *smile*

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#Deathsquad #DeathsquadHUG #PositivePUSH #beKIND #DIG_DEEP #SMILE_BIG

Yes, we all know who this is.

Lefty with the alienhead drops by to have a little chat. We giggled like schoolgirls and talked about the way Lefty uses # in almost every greeting and sentences, #Deathsquad and the positive push, traveling, legs and the fun on being on Twitter.

LEFTY you are great! *Smile*

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Roy is een "butler on wheels".

Klinkt vreemd maar het klopt wel. Hij is mijn allereerste volger op mijn allereerste twitteraccount jaren geleden.  

Hij heeft de ziekte van Duchenne. Wat dat inhoudt en waar hij tegenaan loopt in het dagelijks leven legt hij uit.

Enjoy! *smile*

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