#Talk2Cleo is a guerilla and freestyle bilingual independent podcast. Everything goes except for politics and sports. The conversations are about people, their dreams, thoughts, wishes, fears and the dare to share. #ACTIONOVERBS You can find #Talk2Cleo on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and any other podcast platform out there. Based in The Netherlands the conversations are mostly recorded via Skype. Guests or guests suggestions are always welcome. Simply fill out the contact form or contact via social media: @Talk2Cleo
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Michael is a wonderful kind person who lives in L.A., where I had the pleasure meeting him. We have a comfortable conversation about my trip to London, dogs, music, weed and more..

He plays the guitar and he has a a wonderful way of doing that and I can assure you this...

you will fall in love with what you hear.

You can find his music on



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Mic lived in his car for a few months when he was 19 years while being addicted to drugs but he made the decision to stop.

and look at Mic now! Being alive!


We talk about his new album "Probably High" and how "Fire" became the debute single.


His SkyHighFriday: "They still ain't fire me yet!" I love it!



Please enjoy our conversation about USA versus Europe, the power of kindness and life in general. *smile*



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Cucky is dead! Long live Father McMurphy


This voice is THE voice of the internet and the reason I started making podcasts. I owe him everything I am doing today. Very happy he is out of prison and is gonna be a ....

well, listen for yourself :-) 


Please enjoy this conversation but most of all..

listen to HIS podcast via deviantsChurch.com because he deserves it. *smile*

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@DamianClark Damian Clark, damianclark.com

Comedy Central, BBC 3, RTE’s IFTA Award-winning REPUBLIC OF TELLY, comedy panelist in TV3’s THE APPRENTICE: YOU’RE FIRED! plus wrote & co-starred in I DARE YA!

@GermanComedian Christian Schulte-Loh,

International stand-up act that has performed in clubs and at festivals in more than twenty countries. Christian performs in English, German and Spanish.

Christian and Damian chat about the art of stand up comedy, reminiscing about "the video room", the influence of social media, how miserable things can make great comedy and how silence kills.

"The opportunities you turn down define you, not the ones you accept"


Please enjoy our conversation. *smile*



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I just wanted to thank you all for leaving me with a heart filled with waves of love.


Thank you all.


the song you hear is by Michael Candelas. He composed it and dedicated it to me.

Happy Birthday Fingerstyle

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Cassius, who just turned 16 years, talks about how the love for KISS made him start his own podcast at the age of 10 year old.


His guestlist is impressive. Check it out for real!!

For example, his first podcastguest was Joey Diaz and he will be talking to Adam Carolla and Joe Rogan at the Adam Carolla Show.

But we also talk about how it is to be a 16 year old boy in Canada, his family and what his dream is.


Please check out his website thatreporterkid.com or cassiusmorris.com


 Please enjoy this conversation. *smile*



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Dbo is an American veteran who did 3 tours overseas.

Two times Irak and one time Afghanistan.

He talks about that soldier life, the influence it has since he left the army October 3th, 2014 and how he deals with PTSD.


Please enjoy the conversation. *smile*


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Nadat ik Jan googlede sloeg de paniek toe. Iemand met zo'n c.v. in mijn podcast, was dat niet te hoog gegrepen?

Ik zette door en hier is het resultaat.

Je kunt verdere informatie vinden op zijn website:



Ik zou zeggen.... ENJOY! *Smile*

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You know that guy from New Jersey who got deported to Portugal after being in jail for months over half a J?


Here he is. Carlos tells us how it all went down.

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"Not everyone addicted is a villain"

For over 18 years Oscar has been addicted to all sorts of drugs/opiats like heroine and roxies but he is sober since 29 months.

How that addiction influenced him and where he is now in his life, says a lot about the powerful innerstrenght this positive person has.

For those who, in the back of their head, know they are addicted:

Listen to a man who has been there and knows what you are going through at this moment.

And remember: You are worth it. *smile*

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Marieke en ik praten na over de Studio54 Tweetup (een hoop tweeps worden genoemd), spinnen en de overeenkomst tussen kinderopvang en webdesign.


Haar c.v. kun je vinden op www.mijn-cv-online.com


Geniet ervan! *smile*


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A conversation with a a self-realized contactee who experienced a 2-year contact initiation with hyperevolved nonhuman intelligence associated with phenomenology.

(I call him Mister Gnossy *smile*)

He talks about planetairy culture, ufology, sightings and how it is not about the event (contact) but about the message.



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When you say the name Andrew Jacobs you know what this podcast will be about:

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Three

Ding Dong Show

Simply Don The Podcast

Windy City Heat

Kiss and Frank Zappa


.... but what about coffee, red meat and cheese?

Listen and find out... *smile*

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Adam is talking about why he is entering The Sydney to the Gong MS bike ride 2014 for the fourth time.

We have a conversation about health and age care and the ability of the community to give real feedback.

And what's up with a giraffe and a cow... find out :-))

More about Adam? Visit  powerfulageing.net

But please show Adam love by donating some  via

Sydney to The Gong MS bike ride 2014

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Joe has a Record Label called World of Rock Records and we chat about why he created that, the influence of Twitter and more subjects, but I was totally mesmerized by his voice.. so.. euh.. anyway..


Enjoy and be enchanted by Joe, his story and his voice.

(Don't mind my schoolgirl giggling) *SMILE*


The song you hear at the beginning and the end is

Phoebe (in a bubble)  by Ruined Machines

(also from Joe)

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Jessica is a mom, singer, songwriter, producer and a regular guest on the Ding Dong Show

She is telling about her youth, why Do the Miley Cyrus song got blocked on You tube, Jabahos (a.k.a. Perries People), how sweet Ron Jeremy is.

You will love Jessica!


You can find all info about her on JessicaShores.com

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How an 18 year old boy ended up in L.A. being an actor, the influence of Shelly Winters and all the guardian angels he has.

The movie that will be released is called

"Christmas with the Karountzoses"

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When was the last time you did something for the first time.


Dru gets his podcast cherry popped *smile*

How it is to live in a town that made me sing a song out of the move The Deerhunter. Dru will tell you about it.

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His teen years being at Heritage School, being picked up by contracted safe teen transportation specialists and living on the streets since two years.


(This was a difficult episode to record for me personally because of Anonymous. You will hear why and why I finally decided to let #OpLib be a guest)

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"DSB, the Movie",  one of the first crowdfunded movies in the world by Jan Willem Alphenaar,


"The TV Station" he co-founded with Jochem de Boer and the last case they are following. A 16 year old autistic boy being on trial for skipping three months of school because the Dutch educational system is failing,


His love for cars and how American cars drain bank accounts in The Netherlands.


You can find his blogs at:




and The TV station on Facebook


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How it is to live in Londonderry/Derry, Northern Ireland

being a protestant, but raised between religions, getting shot by protestant freedom fighters and overcoming PTS.


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Thank you for your contribution.



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Ik wil de volgende mensen bedanken voor hun inzendingen.

Janine Jongsma, @Eastgrunn, @Theo0563, @Ingrid32320, @Ddooz, @CarolineHooijer, @Pubbiedus, @Vester71, @Inge_Schrijft, @Magikdat



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Danny Pinn lives in Australia and is the host to a couple of podcasts:

@FizzButton Radio


and The Pinn Point

 You can find all these on his website dannypinn.net

Danny moved from the countryside to the big city, moved back and back again..
How bipolar can be seen as a spiritual awaking and that making podcasts are his medicine

BTW, there was a lot of rain during this episode...

and there was a frog..

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"Small minded people suck!"


What are XXXYvonnes strong points?

A hint: It starts with 36DD ;-)

You can find her on:

niteflirt.com = I have a secret to tell.
MFC.com = XXXYvonne

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Finally after months of planning I have Good Andy as my guest on Talk2Cleo.


Andy is a single dad of two children and has MS. But that doesnt mean he gave in. No sir! He is the only one who send me a birthdaycard that later turned out to be the only present I got that year. (I hope next year I get showered with presents... I am a girl yah know!)  Please enjoy *smile*

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Brain joins me in a conversation and we found out we have a few things in common, our opinion about Bruce Springsteen and old school video games.


AND... did Brain masturbate during our conversation?? Listen and find out..


Please enjoy *smile*

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Our Jimmy is a bowling mechanic and how odd it may sound I think it is fascinating.

And squirrels... you have to try squirrel and make a fannypack out of it.

Enjoy the conversation with our Jimmy. *smile*


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Bricks joined me on his early Sundaymorning.

We talk about his role as a father and that he has to learn some lessons in life from his son.

Also about his upbringing in an unusual family setting, his yet unfullfilled dream, his job, which surprised me.

And he ends with a real life fairy tale.


Enjoy the conversation with this kind man who I've met on live #Church during my Cali stay. *smile*

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Because I have no idea how to express myself in a solo episode about my trip to L.A. I decided to let a few people talk about how they experienced it. Needless to say I loved every part of the vacation.


Check also my Visit Deathsquad L.A page


I also wanna say thank you to all my listeners and how thankful I am you took/take the time to listen.

I never thought there would be people listening but you do.

#Talk2Cleo is never about me, it is about the guests. Guests who deserve that their voices are being heard and I am happy I can provide them a platform to do so.

So thank you, also on behave of my guests who were on and who will be on in the future.

Please enjoy the conversations during this 50th episode!


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Marie is @Waterboxer wife for those who don't know her.

She talks about how they met, how she almost drowned and the differences between the Philipinnes and the USA. We recorded this conversation in the appartment I'd rented during my stay in L.A.


Please enjoy ! *smile*

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Dirk doet uit de doeken hoe hij aan de titel Baron van Beauluna is gekomen en waar het ligt. We hebben het over Bobbi Eden, het Haags meisje dat nu een zeer geslaagde sterallureloze zakenvrouw is in Los Angeles.

De baron geeft tevens een vurig betoog over het behaalde resultaat van de "Aktie Bres" en wat men nu verder wil bereiken, namelijk een verandering van wetgeving.


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William talks about how his younger brother Bobby got shot and his view on guncontrol.

How he wanted to take band class but ended up in boxingclass instead and that he is still undefeated in MMA. 

Pizza, deer and the happiest moment in his life. *smiile*

Please enjoy the conversation with William.

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Leon lives in Germany but his name sounds very spanish. We talk about that and about Ustream versus Spreaker, bad and good habits and how young he was when he started smoking.

We also hear his top three destinations in the world.

Enjoy the conversation I had with Leon.  *smile*



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@Brain_The @JamieHager120, @iLoveTatorTots,  @LCSKLN, @JLSRobo for being such great guests on FINALLY a recorded #HmH.

Hope you will enjoy it. 

Stan and Cleo, hosts of Heaven meets Hell

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Brian Freeman tells how the worst lonely night in his life made him decide to be happy.

He is disabled, does Jiu Jitsu and has the mindset of a warrior. Why he does this?


Listen to the beautiful and deep conversation I had with this man and find out.



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A countrygirl turned into a bartender in town and got a brain. ;-)



We talked about growing up, city versys countrylife and so many other things I can't even start writing done.




So please listen and enjoy our conversation




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Eric Carter is  a stand up comedian who decided to follow his dream and by doing so became a bridge between the South and modern L.A. life.

This well mannered intelligent man talks about his dreams, why he loves Nice, France and gives tips how to get the most tender ribs on a bbq.


You can see one of his first performances on youtube:

Carter's first time at standfup

Enjoy our conversation and be enchanted, just like me.


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Eventhough Paul is Dutch, this conversation will be in English.


After 3 years making his own radioshow every Saturday evening, Paul decided to take a break after 150 episodes live radio.


He has finished his first Dutch novel "Verscheurd" ("Torn" ) which is sold out and is busy writing his second Dutch novel "Schuldig" ("Guilty).

In time he will be publishing his first novel for free as a pdf on his website

He also writes critical blogs which you can also find on his website paulzornig.nl


His drawings are his views and reaction on daily news and hold a strong message.


Enjoy! *Smile*


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I am happy Dale accepted my invite to be a guest.

You can also follow his fitness and nutrision advice via @DCBFitness.

Dale's podcast is called: An Hour Of Bondage


We talked about why he is going to Australia and USA, his N64 controller when he was 15 years (you will not believe it), the floodings and the people in England and what takes 3 hours per week.



The program that was mentioned is: tomnod.com

satelitepictures to join the searchparty.


Enjoy our conversation. *Smile*


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A warm cozy conversation with a great gardenlady.
I even found out I can pronounce a word correctly! TottlerTalk!

So, please meet the woman behind the girl who waved thingies in the air.

Also crochet is not croquet!

Enjoy! *smile*

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Jason JG aka "Sweetcheeks" gets his cherry popped by me.

Jason talks about everybodies favorite troll StanDaDevil, movienight with Windy City Heat, twitter and how he made some personal changes in his life.

He is from Australia so I had some trouble understanding what he said in the beginning. ENJOY!  You will totally love Jason! *smile*


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Iestyn Thomas from Wales  (and his friend Steve) joins me in this conversation.


He talks about his accident what has let him to being in a wheelchair for 15 years amongst other things.


Enjoy... *SMILE*

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About a year ago we interacted the first time with each other on @Postalpoet podcast and not long after that WB was my guest.

In this episode we let the past meet the present when we talk about DeathSquad, Dogtown and my journey to L.A.

We chat about conquering fear in any way or form you may encounter in your life, about a borderless world and LOVE.

And about the ocean of course.

So, sit back, put your *ears on ears* and enjoy...



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Happy Valentine!

Stan Da "Stanilicious" Devil is treating us with some festive bloody stories told in a way only Stan can.


Enjoy this man with his way with words. *SMILE*

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C O N S T A N T I N E talks 2 C L E O


The Bishop of Berlin! #DEATHSQUAD


Listen and hear HIS voice.  *smile* Wanna know what a camel and a whale have in common?


You know his very own FollowFriday Musical avalanche via DeathSquadMixtape 

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Tom Rhodes is a world traveling comedian.  The New York Times describes him as “A mostly natural intellect with a knack for reporting the harsh realities of life with a dark and absurdly optimistic cynicism.”


Duh! We all KNOW that!


But do you know who would be his last guest on his podcast?

Did you know he would be a lesbian?

And did you know he can use his voice  in another way?

No? Well... listen, find out,  but most of all enjoy! *smile*

(Visit his website and be blown away!! tomrhodes.net)




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Cheaves next step is becoming a webcamgirl. And not the shy kind :-)

 This is considered adult stuff by iTunes so if you are under 18 years don't listen to this podcast. 

We are talking about the empowering women in the pornindustry and I kept asking Cheaves all kind of questions.. Respect is the keyword.

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 "The Devil and The Angel record Magic"

I thought that was a great title for this episode. Thanks Lady J @JLSRobo !!

Stan is the only man I know who wrestled naked with a monkey and pissed into his best friend mouth. The fact that they are still friends (not with the monkey)  just shows what a sweetheart he is.

But he is also a hard worker doing things with sheetmetal and his @DamnGoodChili will be a great success.

By sharing the dream that haunts him for the past three years he gives us an inside into that other side of this man.

Time to change that "nightmare" into "Sweet dreams" Stan!

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FINALLY my homie Brocky and I were able to do this podcast! *smile*

We started with just ducking around about swords and blind euh.. 


but it turned into a deep conversation about Helen Kellers determination to communicate being deaf and blind, people who try suicide and the importance of caring. 


Please enjoy *smile*

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#Deathsquad #DeathsquadHUG #PositivePUSH #beKIND #DIG_DEEP #SMILE_BIG

Yes, we all know who this is.

Lefty with the alienhead drops by to have a little chat. We giggled like schoolgirls and talked about the way Lefty uses # in almost every greeting and sentences, #Deathsquad and the positive push, traveling, legs and the fun on being on Twitter.

LEFTY you are great! *Smile*

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Roy is een "butler on wheels".

Klinkt vreemd maar het klopt wel. Hij is mijn allereerste volger op mijn allereerste twitteraccount jaren geleden.  

Hij heeft de ziekte van Duchenne. Wat dat inhoudt en waar hij tegenaan loopt in het dagelijks leven legt hij uit.

Enjoy! *smile*

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