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Mr. Puppy, @KMsLoveSlave joins me after a really long night. 

He says Canadian money does smell like maplesugar, well he has one of the sweetest voices I have ever heard.. so I guess he .. anyways... hahaha.

Talking Japanese is also really difficult but luckely I know two words. And I guess we go really international when Mr. Puppy tells how "JUST GO AHEAD AND DO" opened up the world for his 86 old Italian neighbour.

Shoutouts to MFC (My Free Cam) "The Waltons" and @Waterboxer You can find Mr. Puppy smooth voice at KMLSradio.com


Please enjoy this wonderful conversation.  *Smile*

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This episode starts different then all my other ones.

I had to vent my frustration about Skype ending their desktop version everywhere starting December 2013.

Anyway, Travis Lipshus @Lipshus lives in Sydney and is a genuine nice bloke. He has his own podcast called The Argument Podcast.

Go check him out!


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