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Ep 16 @SamManiac DUTCH

(dutch episode) Coolio praat honderduit (als hij de kans krijgt) maar de boodschap is: "Adem niet alleen, maar LEEF!"

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Ep 15 @BAAHKAST  aka Spacegoat

My apologies for the soundquality the first 30 minutes from the interview. We tried our best to solve it, afterwards.

Las Vegas, Mr. Spacegoat talks about his plans, the musicindustry, the internet, his animals and much more.

"He doesn't bite, but he does BAAHK "

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Ep 14 @Frans_Traas69 DUTCH

(Dutch episode) De heer F. Traas krijgt het voor elkaar om me bijna van verbazing van de stoel te doen vallen. Respect Frans!

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@DirtyDeVoe aka "Dirty" from The Dirty Commuter talks 2 me about lots of things like dolphins, but not the seakind, his best friend Brian and helps me to understand the USA a little bit *Smile*

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Ep 12 @van_Rukhoven DUTCH

(Dutch episode) @Van_Rukhoven aka Rukje komt gezellig even keuvelen over "the good old times.."

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