#Talk2Cleo is a guerilla and freestyle bilingual independent podcast. Everything goes except for politics and sports. The conversations are about people, their dreams, thoughts, wishes, fears and the dare to share. #ACTIONOVERBS You can find #Talk2Cleo on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube and any other podcast platform out there. Based in The Netherlands the conversations are mostly recorded via Skype. Guests or guests suggestions are always welcome. Simply fill out the contact form or contact via social media: @Talk2Cleo

Jake Needham is a novelist and known as one of the best-selling English-language crime authors in Asia.


His latest book, The King of Macau, will be published in January 2014.


Listen to him talking about his love for chickens (okay fried for lunch) what was going on with him and Jim Gandolfini,  reveils the name of the book which is in his head and he thinks writersblock is bs. You will love this guy!


You can find more information on JakeNeedham.com


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Ari hosts the increasingly popular podcast The Skeptic Tank and is a regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Ari’s standup album “Revenge for the Holocaust” went to number 1 on itunes and amazon.com the week of its premier.

This year Ari also released his uncensored comedy special “Passive Aggressive” and can be seen alongside Rob Schneider and Adrian Brody in the feature film “InAPPropriate Comedy.”

Look for Ari as the host of the Comedy Central’s new digital storytelling show “This is Not Happening.”

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@MichaelLuichi1 (Lauddie as I call him) is my guest from Scotland. This conversation covers lots of grounds.

Lauddie talks about how he got over two strokes, being on the waitinglist for a heart transplantation, a glass tunnel under the North Sea, EU (BOOOH), racism, flying and fashion and all that in only 42 minutes! That man can talk!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. *smile*


(August, 4, 2014 Michael passed away. R.I.P.)

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@BiffSweetwaters, host from "Spreading The Werd" joins me in this somewhat crazy conversation.

We talk what you can do with a banana (it can whiten your teeth),
his almost actingcareer in an adult movie, the time he spend in Costa Rica and more hilarious things.


I laughed so much it totally ruined my mascara.. so please enjoy this wonderful conversation. 


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Mr. Puppy, @KMsLoveSlave joins me after a really long night. 

He says Canadian money does smell like maplesugar, well he has one of the sweetest voices I have ever heard.. so I guess he .. anyways... hahaha.

Talking Japanese is also really difficult but luckely I know two words. And I guess we go really international when Mr. Puppy tells how "JUST GO AHEAD AND DO" opened up the world for his 86 old Italian neighbour.

Shoutouts to MFC (My Free Cam) "The Waltons" and @Waterboxer You can find Mr. Puppy smooth voice at KMLSradio.com


Please enjoy this wonderful conversation.  *Smile*

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This episode starts different then all my other ones.

I had to vent my frustration about Skype ending their desktop version everywhere starting December 2013.

Anyway, Travis Lipshus @Lipshus lives in Sydney and is a genuine nice bloke. He has his own podcast called The Argument Podcast.

Go check him out!


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Maggi, zoals ik haar noem, hardcore twitteraarster volg ik al jaren. Het vinden van haar liefde, het geloof in iets ontastbaars en fervent TU bezoekster.. Nog steeds? Luister en hoor..  *smile*

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"We are us. I am you. Love is the ultimate weapon."

Cody a.k.a. Goonie (but to be honest, I like Cody better) did 2 standup open mics you can find on You tube, has a blog and has written a few songs you can find on his facebookpage.


He is an awesome and kind man and I was proud he was my guest. Thank you Cody *smile*




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We kletsen er vrolijk op los. Over het roken van de E-sigaret met chocolade-smaak, onze twitterverslaving en het wordt duidelijk dat de man van Ddooz een KEI van een vent is! Geniet ervan, mensen! *Smile*

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Ep 19 @WrittenConsent

Corey, who also has a podcast "Logicast", goes hard-core on governement, medical weed, why he got house-arrested and how this changed his view on his own life.

This episode contains a big ShoutOut to @Waterboxer *Smile*

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Ep 18 @i_far

"From Journalist to a Nobody and being happy about it"

i_far, who used to publish in The Sydney Morning Herald, Ralph Magazine and various Europese newspapers, talks about how to get black-listed, tracking Sean FLynn, superstition, prostitution in Indonesia and lots more.

On farsidetravel.net you can read his blogs.

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Ep 17 @HolisticStone

The Art-Angel Alex Bones Jones visits and leaves a message: "Never Stop, Never Give Up!"


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Ep 16 @SamManiac DUTCH

(dutch episode) Coolio praat honderduit (als hij de kans krijgt) maar de boodschap is: "Adem niet alleen, maar LEEF!"

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Ep 15 @BAAHKAST  aka Spacegoat

My apologies for the soundquality the first 30 minutes from the interview. We tried our best to solve it, afterwards.

Las Vegas, Mr. Spacegoat talks about his plans, the musicindustry, the internet, his animals and much more.

"He doesn't bite, but he does BAAHK "

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Ep 14 @Frans_Traas69 DUTCH

(Dutch episode) De heer F. Traas krijgt het voor elkaar om me bijna van verbazing van de stoel te doen vallen. Respect Frans!

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@DirtyDeVoe aka "Dirty" from The Dirty Commuter talks 2 me about lots of things like dolphins, but not the seakind, his best friend Brian and helps me to understand the USA a little bit *Smile*

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Ep 12 @van_Rukhoven DUTCH

(Dutch episode) @Van_Rukhoven aka Rukje komt gezellig even keuvelen over "the good old times.."

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Mijn #BSFF aka Snoevertje kletst gezellig even mee. Teveel om in het kort samen te vatten.

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"Born with an Ego, Die with a Soul".

@Waterboxer and I talk about all kind of things! #Deathsquad, life in general, balance, whalewatching and celebrating Holidays.  Skype decided to disconnect the call somewhere, so I tried to edit that a bit, but you will hear it. Also a huge shoutout to @DudeBroccoli *smile*

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DUTCH EPISODE!  Mijn #BFF Carmen en ik halen hilarische herinneringen op.. Mochten jullie je storen aan het lachen... helaas! Zo zijn wij.. *smile*

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(dutch episode)  "kleine" ongelukjes die soms gebeuren als je mij in de buurt van wijn en zo loslaat... :-)

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Thomas talks about humor, silence and ofcourse languages

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Euh, I was a bit drunk so euh... don't mind the... Well, just listen. It's great :-)

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@puberdochters talks 2 Cleo. Dutch episode.

Pubbie praat over haar puberdochters, website en meer .

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De man achter de blogs, de haan in zijn eigen kippenhok..

en hij draagt ook nog voor uit eigen werk.. Ik zeg luisteren en genieten.

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Wat hebben spinnen met mogelijkheden en Feyenoord te maken. De Guarddog legt het uit.."KTAD!"

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Gerrit @Vester71 praat honderduit over #woestaantrekkelijk #kanjer #ganzenswaffelen en nog veel meer

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This in my very first time.. so don't shoot me.. AND English is not my native tongue.. So enjoy My Cucky @DaCuckoosNest

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