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I wanto to thank every one who contributed to this OneVoice "Winter Tales 2015"

Like every year it was a nerve wrecking, tongue twisting and a huge amount of hours and work to present this what only takes less than 15 minutes listening time.

Forgive me if I didn't pronounce all the words correct.
What seems like regular words for you, are for me totally new things to learn.

I know some may sound really weird.
But .... I still did it.

Thank you for listening

"Nothing is perfect the day you die" by Greg Palko @PalkoDesigns

"The Leech Monster" by Chris Zisi @CJZisi
"Morpheus" by Hugh Fitzgerald @Budokan2006
"Secret Lullaby" by S. Marchal Wilson @SMarshallWilson
"Woe" by Ron Shaw @RonGizmo
"Solitude" by Steve Cartwright @ScCart1
"The Void of Forgetfulness" by Zashnain Zainal @bedlamfury

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